Couture Chocolate with a Conscience: jcoco

Apr 10, 2015

By now, we think we’ve pretty well documented our little affair with chocolate. And though we’ve been trying to keep it on the DL these days, there are some things you just can’t hide, and our newest love, jcoco chocolate, is one of them.   We came across jcoco during a recent shopping trip though the hip Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. There it sat on a table of stationery and home accessories, like a beacon of bright orange, metallic-wrapped light. We got a little...

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At Home with Nest: Protection by Design

Apr 9, 2015

The sad truth about some of our most basic home necessities is that they’re—how should we put this?—not much to look at. We’ll leave talk of toilets, heating vents, and fuse boxes for another time, because today we’re tackling another unsightly must-have: smoke detectors. Fortunately, the folks at Nest have figured out how to make a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that looks like an intentional design element instead of a cheap plastic eyesore.   Annie first became...

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Wordless Wednesday

Apr 8, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image each week.  

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On the Lighter Side: Pastel Rugs for Spring

Apr 7, 2015

Pastels are kind of a given for spring. And while we do love the lightness they bring to a room, we’re also ready to break out of the pastel throw-pillow and quilt rut and try those pale, sun-washed hues in some unexpected places. Case in point: these new pastel rugs, which manage to look both sweet and sophisticated, and come in constructions from casual woven cotton to upscale hooked wool.     Floors can be some of the darker surfaces in our homes, and for these spaces, a...

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Kalastyle: Because Life’s Too Short to Use Junky Soap

Apr 6, 2015

When we come across a really terrific home or personal product, our usual reaction is twofold. First, we want to hoard all of it ourselves. Then the spirit of awesomeness takes over, and we can’t wait to tell all of our friends about what we’ve found. This was the case with Kalastyle soap, which we first met cute at the NY NOW gift show earlier this year.       It was love at first sight when we spied Kalastyle’s vibrant, graphic packaging. Then we took a sniff of scents...

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Let’s Get Graphic: Bold Prints for Bedroom

Apr 4, 2015

If you’re ready to shake off that subdued winter palette and give your bedroom a big boost of energy, we’ve got your guide to incorporating bold patterns into your bedding. While prevailing decorating wisdom often says that a “blank slate” approach, featuring a white quilt or duvet with a bit of color in the accessories, like decorative pillows and throws, creates the best sleep environment, we beg (bed?) to differ. Here’s why.     The Kick-Back-and-Relax Bedroom For a...

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5 Paper Flower Crafts to Get You in the Mood for Spring

Apr 3, 2015

It’s amazing what some colorful paper, floral wire, and a glue gun can do. If, like us, you’re pining for the return of spring flowers, these fun little DIY crafts will get you in the mood. We’ve rounded up five (mostly) easy paper flower crafts from around the Web, so even though there’s still snow on the ground in these parts (sigh), you’ll be thinking spring in no time.   DIY Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flowers from Lia Griffith     Lia Griffith pretty much wrote the book...

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Mud Season Madness: Choosing the Right Rug for the Mudroom

Apr 2, 2015

We know a lovely couple who moved from England to our little corner of Western Massachusetts, so they were pretty familiar with chilly winters, slippery roads, and the unrelenting grey of late winter and early spring. They also knew that there are tons of outdoorsy things to do in these parts, plus lots of arts and culture to sample. What turned out to be an unwelcome surprise? “Nobody told us about mud season,” they opine. “Especially how long it lasts.” Or what havoc it wreaks on home...

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

Apr 1, 2015

Wishing you a fun-for-all on this sweet (and a little goofy) spring day.    

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DIY Stair Runner Installation with Miss Mustard Seed

Mar 31, 2015

You might have noticed that we have a bit of a fetish for stair runners (as evidence, we offer exhibit A and exhibit B ). So when a blogger bestie like Miss Mustard Seed tells us she’s planning to install a rug on her stairs, and she’s planning to use a Dash & Albert rug, well, it’s like Christmas, New Year’s, our birthdays, and the first day of summer all rolled into one.     We know you’re going to love how Marian has decorated her hall and stairs, so head over to...

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Art Smart in Seville: Rompemoldes

Mar 30, 2015

During a recent trip to Spain, complete with an architectural tour of Seville—you wouldn’t believe the eye candy!—we came across one of our favorite finds of the entire trip: Rompemoldes, a collective of artists and artisans who are producing some beautiful and inspired work.     Off the Ruiz de Gijón and tucked between the classical architecture of Seville, Rompemoldes is housed in a sleek modern building designed by well-regarded architect Javier Ochoa. Around a large...

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5 Fab Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend

Mar 28, 2015

Now that the days are a little longer and a whole lot brighter, we’re itching to get outside (or even under the cover of our garages) to indulge in a little DIY. Today we’re taking a look at headboards you can make yourself—in a single weekend, no less—for a stunning custom look in the bedroom.       1. Upholstered Headboard from The Everygirl This is as basic as upholstered headboards get, but we love it because it’s infinitely customizable. Want a plush feel? Use a...

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