Treats for Your Four-Legged Sweetie: Whole Life Pet Products

Mar 13, 2015

When you’re a pet lover, there are few situations more nerve-racking than a pet-food recall. For John Gigliotti, a 15-year veteran of the retail pet business, 2007 was an especially scary year. This was when the widest pet-foods recall in history took place, after nearly 500 companion animals developed kidney failure from ingesting imported food products contaminated with the chemical compound melamine (not to be confused with melamine plastic, which is used for a variety of indoor/outdoor...

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Healthy Food Nirvana at True Food Kitchen

Mar 12, 2015

When we’re on the road, we try to make it a point not to eat anything resembling fast food or the cheese-drowned mystery stuff most casual chain restaurants pass off as lunch or dinner. Those restaurants aren’t exactly in the business of promoting health, and, for all their calorie-busting decadence, the recipes aren’t even flavorful enough to remember after the fork has come to rest on the plate. We’d long ago sworn off restaurant franchises, so imagine our surprise when, on a recent...

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Wordless Wednesday

Mar 11, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image each week.

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A Match Made in Rug Heaven: Which Weave Fits Your Decorating Style?

Mar 10, 2015

Just like people, pets, and Pour La Victoire shooties, area rugs have their own inherent, inimitable personality that makes them the perfect match for particular decorating styles. If you’ve struggled with figuring out which rug weave works for your home’s decor, we’ve got your primer right here. A note before we begin: Like the hoary old tropes that you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, wear white after Labor Day, or eat ice cream for dinner (hey, if it’s with waffles and...

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Your Guide to Building a Man-Friendly Bed

Mar 9, 2015

While there are some things men and women will never agree on—for example, why it’s an absolute necessity to own one more dress, that pajamas and bath towels should always be washed after three uses, and that packing light is for sissies—one item on everyone’s checklist is a soothing, comfortable bed we can sink into at the end of a long day. But what if the man in your life isn’t exactly design-minded, or prefers to have his bedroom decorated for him . . . just not with feminine...

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What’s Hot in Herringbone?

Mar 7, 2015

The world is, literally, full of patterns. Look at a country field and you’ll find a natural floral pattern; take a spin into the city and you’ll see bold geometrics making up most of the buildings. The stones and boulders strewn along the edges of a beach create the most stunning, irregular organic patterns, while the sky itself if full of an ever-changing mix of abstract designs. We find it impossible not to love patterns, especially the age-old varieties that are still just as relevant...

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Your Guide to the Best Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Mar 6, 2015

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why do we treat it like a teensy, annoying blip on our daily snacking radar? Sure, a container of yogurt or packet of instant oatmeal seem like easy, healthy options, but when you really take a look at all the sugar, preservatives, and other unwanteds in these store-bought foods, one truth becomes clear: it’s a whole lot healthier—and oftentimes much more economical—to make your own breakfast.   Now, before lamenting your lack of...

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Inspired By: Painted Wood Floors

Mar 5, 2015

You’ve probably figured out by now that we’re a rug-loving bunch. But some rooms simply scream for a different floor treatment, like tile, brick, or herringbone wood. So today we’re taking a peek at one of our favorite creative flooring options: painted wood floors. These six spaces—all a far cry from those cringe-inducing, beat-up pine floors we all seemed to have in our first apartments, and which we subsequently drowned in layers of a sad “greyge” hue in a futile attempt at...

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Wordless Wednesday

Mar 4, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image each week. Photo via Derek...

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New York Fashion Week Winter 2015

Mar 3, 2015

From to the Grammys to the Oscars and the seemingly hundreds of award shows in between, February was a fashion-filled month.  We’re still coming down from all the red-carpet highs (Lupita Nyong’o dripping in a 6,000-pearl dress by Calvin Klein! Emma Stone in a sleek and shimmery Lanvin jumpsuit! Mary J. Blige in a floaty-meets-architecural silver J. Mendel stunner!), so instead we’re focusing our attention on the runway. There was a lot to love at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week...

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Amazing Space: Berkshire Barn Makeover

Mar 2, 2015

We love a great reno success story, especially when that redesign has taken place in our own backyard. So when we saw this living room, in a converted eighteenth-century barn right here in the Berkshires and featured in Vogue, we couldn’t resist including it in this edition of Amazing Space. This eclectic home, a Tudor-style retreat on 100 acres, is the decorating brainchild of Adam Lippes, the former creative director of Oscar de la Renta and now owner of his own eponymous fashion label. ...

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The New Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Collection Is In!

Feb 28, 2015

Annie has collaborated with a variety of designers over the years, but one of her most memorable collabs to date has come courtesy of interior decorating legend Bunny Williams. Her eponymous rug collection with Annie’s own Dash & Albert has been the darling of interior designers, bloggers (check out why The Peak of Chic named the collection one of the design highlights of 2014), and décor magazines alike, and we couldn’t be happier with the response to Bunny’s high-end yet...

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