Amazing Space: 6 Swoon-Worthy Closet Designs

Feb 14, 2015

As we see it, there are three kinds of closets: 1) everyday, put-your-purse-and-pumps-here closets;  2) enviably organized closets, enhanced with all sorts of colorful baskets and containers for corralling clutter; and 3) blow-your-Miu Mius–off dream closets. Most of us fall squarely into the first category, perhaps with a bit of the second mixed in, but today we’re taking our inspiration from six dream closets—and getting the hang of (bah-dum-bum) what makes them so out of this...

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Valentine’s Day Easy Romantic Dessert Roundup

Feb 13, 2015

Not really a breakfast-in-bed type, but still want to give a sweet little something to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Allow us to be your romance sherpas, guiding you through the mountain of Valentine’s dessert ideas, straight to the best of the best recipes—most of which can be put together in less than 40 minutes.   Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Sweet Hearts by Chef Lisa Newmann of Cookiehead All you need to make these classic cookies—featuring health-promoting dark...

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How to Mix Patterns: Decorative Pillows & Throws Edition

Feb 12, 2015

Interior designers often have an innate skill for mixing patterns in a room. They can’t always explain why certain patterns work together—they just do, and when they do, the results are spectacular. Today Annie’s giving us a glimpse into the mind of a designer with a new series on pairing patterns, starting with decorative pillows and throws. Learning how to mix patterns in a room is pretty easy if you follow Annie’s tried-and-true rules: 1. Aim for three to four patterns maximum, at...

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Are Jute the One? Why Jute Rugs Rule

Feb 11, 2015

We’re suckers for interesting textures in our home decor, but we don’t believe they should be limited to textiles we can touch with our hands. Your floor (and your feet!) deserve just as much attention to detail, which is why we love a jute area rug. With their natural-fiber construction and variety of weaves—from a tight, woven wool–like weave to looser geometric patterns and larger, dimensional loops—jute rugs aren’t just for rustic spaces anymore.       Jute...

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Annie’s Picks from the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Feb 10, 2015

Watching new movies long before they’ve found distribution deals and are released to the public is all in day’s work for Annie in her moonlighting gig as a board member for the Berkshire International Film Festival. This year, she again traveled to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival, where she sat in on a week’s worth of the latest and (sometimes) greatest in documentary, drama, and comedy. For Annie, the documentaries were the stars of the festival. Among those that killed...

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House Swap: Inspiring Vacation Stays for Design Pros

Feb 9, 2015

If you’re in a creative visual field and love a getaway in a stunning locale, there’s a new home-swapping service that could make your next trip less expensive, more comfortable, and way more fabulous. Behomm (pronounced Be Home), the world’s first design-focused home-exchange website, offers visual creatives—photographers, stylists, artists, interior designers, art directors, graphic designers, architects, and more—the chance to share their inspiring spaces for barter. We first...

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Saturday Six: Our Favorite Spaces of the Week

Feb 7, 2015

Our ideal lazy Saturday looks a little something like this: wake up two hours later than normal. Wrap a chunky robe over our pj’s, slide into a pair of fur- or fleece-lined slippers, and pad down to the kitchen for a leisurely breakfast of warm pain au chocolat and coffee—preferably by a sunny window. Then, oversize mug of java in one hand and mouse or tablet in the other, click through some incredible interiors. We’re sharing the design love today with this roundup of our six favorite...

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How to Stay Healthy through the Winter

Feb 6, 2015

We’re no strangers to blizzards and slush-covered roads, so even though they present a worrisome obstacle for a handful of days each winter, our number-one cold-weather concern is a bit more personal: how do we stay healthy when everyone around us seems to be down for the count with some form of cold or flu? Luckily, it’s possible to avoid catching the nasties by adhering to some simple routines—and saying no to a few bad habits. Get a good night’s sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation can...

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Steal This Look: Frank and Claire’s Bedroom from House of Cards

Feb 5, 2015

Along with yet another bone-chilling, snowy week in the Northeast comes the eternal dilemma: what should we binge-watch on Netflix while curled up under a cozy throw and sipping hot chocolate? In preparation for the release of season three of House of Cards later this month (February 27, to be exact), we’re looking back on some of our favorite moments—and interior designs—from seasons one and two. Though we could wax rhapsodic about Claire’s dreamy walk-in closet; Adam’s easygoing,...

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Wordless Wednesday

Feb 4, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image of the week.  

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Feb 3, 2015

Valentine’s Day: the height of romance, made-up commercial holiday, or the perfect excuse for indulgent breakfasts and desserts? We’re going with the latter. That’s why we put together this quick little breakfast in bed, featuring an all-natural, vegan banana dark chocolate chunk pancake recipe that will knock your fuzzy slipper socks off. It’s ridiculously easy to toss together and deliciously filling yet looks like a million bucks, thanks to some patterned table linens and a few basic...

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4 Steps to Crafting a Creative Color Palette

Feb 2, 2015

Decorating is, in a word, a blast. We know y’all feel the same, or you’d probably be checking out the news on the Huffington Post or videos of golden retrievers chasing televised tennis balls right now. Something else we all seem to feel the same about: creating a color palette for a room is one of the most exciting parts of redecorating, but it can also be intimidating. What if that vibrant red we went ga-ga over in the paint store looks more like it belongs on emergency-exit sign than on...

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