A Jolly Good Yellow

May 31, 2012

If your first reaction to this room is “Yowza,” you’re not alone. We stopped in our tracks while flipping through the June issue of Veranda as soon as we saw this beauty, the work of New York designers Tom Britt and Valentino Samsonadze. How many people would be gutsy enough to splash a yellow the color of a daisy’s central floret disc on their walls, or paint a faux-marble design in silver, gray, and ivory on an oak floor? These colors are echoed throughout the room on the grandest...

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Paper Trail

May 30, 2012

The beautifully jumbled collage art of Lance Letscher has inspired a variety of equally oddball comments, but we like this one from Bookforum.com best: “If the Book is doomed, it could have no better funeral director than Austin-based artist Lance Letscher. He may be inclined to dismember the deceased, but he’ll leave behind a beautiful corpse.” Letscher, a University of Texas–educated and multitalented artist, recalls a childhood of drawing inspired by the books and supplies gifted to...

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Demolition Derby, Part 2

May 29, 2012

Hello again, Before we get to all the destruction here’s a glimpse of what’s up in Mum’s garden.  A beautiful and rather rare variety of peony that my mother put in two or so years ago. You’ll note how lovely it looks against the house wrap going up behind it! Back to demolition.  I have been thinking about it and while it is tough for the yankee in me to tear out perfectly serviceable bits of the house, the maven in me readily rationalizes it. Below is the front hall...

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Let’s Go to Bed

May 25, 2012

When it comes to bedding, Annie’s a firm believer in building a “wardrobe,” much like you’d build your personal wardrobe. Having a variety of linens and accents on hand ensures that you can rotate items (which helps them last longer, and saves you beaucoup bucks) and keeps your bed looking fresh and unique from season to season. Here are her tips for putting together your dream bed. Start with the good-quality, classic basics; this is investment dressing. Buy the best-quality sheets...

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Barking up the Right Tree

May 24, 2012

Take a good look at the siding on this house. If you were in front of it right now, what’s the first thing you’d do? If you said “Run my hands all over it!” you’re not alone. Marty McCurry, cofounder of Highland Craftsmen, Inc., manufacturer of Bark House Shingles, says “The surface texture absolutely differentiates it from any other siding product. Even though you see this material day in and day out, when it’s taken out of its normal environment, you can’t believe what...

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Family Matters

May 23, 2012

  What do we love more than shopping for creative home products? Getting a great discount on those fab home products. If you’re in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts, area tonight, we want you to stop by our Outlet at Pine Cone Hill store and join in the browse-and-buy fun! Tonight from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. is Friends & Family Night, and since we love all of our kids equally, we’re offering all of you 15% off Tent Sale prices. And if you like us on Facebook, you’ll get a coupon you can...

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Demolition Derby, Part 1

May 22, 2012

I had always considered masonry in any house something that you would work with or around.  Until John Gilmer showed me how removing them would  dramatically improve the layout of the house, it never occurred to me that taking down the chimney and fireplace was an option! Above you see the sitting room fireplace.  It was at an angle obstructing the space of the would-be living room.  By removing it and moving the fireplace into the now straight wall, we were able to create (with the...

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Shop Talk

May 21, 2012

There are few things we love more than a celebration, and the relaunch of our blog was cause for a biggie. To help us get down to the serious business of having a blast, we invited bloggers Amy Beth of ABCD Design, Lynn of Décor Arts Now, Liz of Shorely Chic, and Tamara of Nest by Tamara to our home base in the Berkshires. On Thursday evening, the writers got an up-close look at Annie’s current home and a peek at her in-progress new house renovation, and chatted about all things design over...

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Afternoon Delight

May 18, 2012

Annie and all of us here at Fresh American are jazzed to welcome a quartet of talented bloggers to our headquarters in the Berkshires. Joining us for a day of design dish and a peek behind the curtain of Annie’s studio are Lynn from Décor Arts Now, Amy from ABCD Design, Liz from Shorely Chic Interiors, and Tamara from Nest by Tamara. Design junkies that they are, they even put together a brand-new Annie Selke Pinterest board! Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes details of their visit. In...

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Rust in Peace

May 17, 2012

Annie’s always on the move, looking for the coolest, the oddest, and the most inspiring people, places, and products. On her recent trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas (check out our two photo galleries here and here), Annie turned up these a-may-zing pendant lights by Tony McCray of Rust in Peace. (Yeah, we agree: the company name is just as wickedly fun as the lamps.) An Atlanta-based artisan, Tony remembers a childhood filled with family trips to country-road dump sites, where he...

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Silk Route

May 16, 2012

Annie is an expert hidden-gem detective, and on her trip last week to Lake Como, Italy, she came across the Museo Didattico della Seta (that’s the Educational Silk Museum to us Yanks). Situated on the banks of “The City of Silk,” the museum documents Como’s long history of providing Europe with 75 percent of this luxury fabric. The 10,000-square-foot museum opened on the grounds of the Setificio Silk School and University in 1990, and features an overview and videos of silk...

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Let the Games Begin…

May 15, 2012

  And so it begins, after all the gut-wrenching, agonizing, and debating, the final plan goes into action. Note: the plan below is version 21B—meaning my friend, travel “husband,” and fabulously talented architect, John Gilmer, and I have gone through 21 different iterations of the house until we started knocking down walls! Version 1 was about three times over the amount I wanted to spend. What can I say? John and I both have champagne tastes but I’m on a Poland...

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