Happy Preppy Home Decorating

Jun 23, 2009

We know what you’re thinking: you were there for the 1980s incarnation of preppy (and maybe even the 1960s original), and you cringe at the thought of crested blazers, the boat shoes you wore till the soles separated and your toes poked out, or your drawer full of wide plaid headbands. Relax. We’re not turning back the clock. We’re reimagining preppy in a bold, modern way. Happy Preppy home decor is all about simplicity—function dictates form, appearance never outweighs comfort, and...

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Nuanced Neutral Home Decorating

Jun 22, 2009

Walls painted a single shade of eggshell. Unembellished cream bedding. Ivory wall-to-wall carpet. When thrown together simply to avoid having to make bolder choices, it’s not a statement—it’s a big roomful of meh. Beige for beige’s sake might be good for selling real estate, but for daily living, it’s a snoozefest. There’s another way to do neutral home decor, without playing it totally, blandly safe. Nuanced Neutral has depth and intrigue from the layering of the myriad tones...

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Cultured Eclectic Home Decorating

Jun 21, 2009

If you’ve ever hung a ginormous original wall painting over your favorite consignment-store sofa, set a two-foot-tall Oaxacan alebrije you couldn’t leave Mexico without by the door in your foyer, or cleared a shelf just for your collection of hand-painted rubber ducks, then Cultured Eclectic home decor is for you. A highly personal and educated decorating style, Cultured Eclectic embraces your obsessions and oddities, passions and peculiarities. The Cultured Eclectic style develops over...

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Everyday Exuberance: Colorful Home Decorating

Jun 20, 2009

Color. The word alone makes us smile, evoking daydreams of bright turquoise seas, a sunset in shades of marmalade and strawberry jam, or a vase packed tight with sunny yellow daffodils. If we all love the thousands of shades found outside our doors, in everything from grassy forest clearings to brick buildings or our morning glass of OJ, then why do so many of us fear having too much color on the inside? It’s one of the great mysteries of existence, and one we hope to dispel. The fact is,...

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Refined Romantic: Elegant Home Decorating

Jun 19, 2009

“Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings.”  —Sir Walter Raleigh We love poetry, but we can’t help but disagree with Sir Walt on this one. In fact, we think there are some pretty compelling reasons to fall head over heels right in your own home.* The Refined Romantic style is an invitation to go googly-eyed over your surroundings through an appreciation of old-world craftsmanship and the rituals of other times or places. While it gives a nod to the beauty, grace,...

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