Give Your Bedding a Boost with Kate Riley’s Fabric

May 1, 2014

When one of our all-time favorite bloggers—the impeccable Kate Riley from Centsational Girl—announced her fabric collection, we couldn’t wait to take a peek. After all, Kate’s become a textile maven, and we’ve eagerly pored over every informational post and fabulous fabric how-to she’s dreamed up. So we picked some yardage in a pair of fresh, modern patterns, and had our sewing pros put together a custom bed skirt and canopy hangings. Then Annie tried out a few different looks, pairing Kate’s fabrics with bedding from the Pine Cone Hill spring collection.

The result? This light, beach-inspired take on bedroom design, featuring dusty blues and white. It’s dressed-up without looking fussy, and is full of contrasting textures, like the quilted bedcover, the smooth cotton bed skirt and canopy drapes, and the embellished decorative pillows.



So . . . Who’s ready for a nap?

Love this beach-inspired bedroom? You’re in luck because Annie’s giving away this queen custom bed skirt and four window panels/canopy hangings (38″ x 92″) from Kate Riley, plus a Surina Sky pillow from Pine Cone Hill! Check out the Rafflecopter entry form below for 4 easy ways to enter! Contest ends on Thursday, May 8 at 11:59 p.m. EST. View the full details.

Congratulations to our winner, Christine from New Jersey! 

  1. Marina Sky quilt & shams
  2. Varana Linen Sky shams
  3. Surina Sky decorative pillow
  4. Classic Hemstitch Sky sheet set
  5. Diamond Platinum matelassé coverlet


Surina Sky Decorative Pillow Custom Bed skirt canopy hangings censational girl

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Love Kate’s blog and her new fabric line. Kate’s bedding + Dash & Albert rug would look perfect in my bedroom.

  2. This bedding is so gorgeous!

  3. Sandy

    That four poster bed with curtains is so dreamy!

  4. Stephanie

    I love the soft pastel colors and calming affect of the room.

  5. I love how the combo of blanket and quilt on the bed. It looks so cozy.

  6. Casandra

    Thanks for the giveaway

  7. Catherine

    I LOVE these window panels!

  8. Amy Wolff

    Awesome.. I just ordered some of the fabric from Spoonflower.

  9. Kelli

    Love the quilted bedcover!

  10. Kristin

    I love how calm it all feels. Beautiful

  11. Ashley B

    I love the fun pattern of the bed skirt!

  12. Wehaf

    Everything is gorgeous but I really love that Jenny Lind table!

  13. Corey


  14. Jill T.

    I love the beautiful fabric color options, and especially used on the lovely bed skirts!

  15. Ellen Nielsen

    I love the color combinations! Fresh, modern.

  16. Absolutely love the beachy feel to this room! Looks fantastic and calming!

  17. Jami

    I love the mix of patterns and the light color palette.

  18. Vicki

    Just what I was looking for to pair with my Yellow coverlet.

  19. Andrea T

    I love the floral patterns from Kate. So pretty.

  20. I love the freshness of the designs, gorgeous!

  21. Love it! So beachy and calm.

  22. Mindy S

    Love this bedding so pretty!!

  23. Ariel

    I love the texture of the bedspread, and the unexpected pop of Kate’s zigzag pattern.

  24. Kristen

    Love the layering and textures!

  25. Belinda

    I was already in love with Kate’s beautiful fabric. I follow her blog everyday…But, embarrassingly.. I had never been aware of Annie Selke’s beautiful bedding line. After staring at the beautiful Pine Cone Hill collection, it’s hard to find just one thing or two that I love the most. It is all so beautifully soothing. The color combinations are so peaceful and the textures are so rich. All I want to do is put that on my bed and crawl in.

  26. MeganM.

    LOVE the sheer panels. Love Kate’s fabrics!

  27. Doris

    I love how soft & peaceful it looks!

  28. Lori L.

    I love the colors and how calming this bedding looks together! Great collaboration!

  29. Mixing Kate’s fabrics with Pine Cone Hill = so dreamy. I have been looking for the perfect bedskirt forever and I finally think I may have found it!

  30. Liz

    I love the color combination. So serene! Perfect for a relaxing, calming bedroom.

  31. Lisa

    the canopy, for sure! thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Yes, please! Sara

  33. Jenna Craig

    LOVE the playful bed skirt! Looks so chic yet comfy and home-like :)
    Beautiful colours too!!

  34. melissa

    I can’t get enough of these colors and the softness of the prints. Love it!

  35. Jeni

    Lovely patterns!

  36. Susan M.

    Love the calming effect all these subtle color – inspiring!

  37. Emily M.

    I love how soft and pretty it looks. Perfect as we head into summer!

  38. Dee in BC

    I love the bed, especially with that bedding.

  39. Susan H

    Beautiful combination!

  40. Alison F.

    This would be perfect for our guest bedroom! I love how serene it looks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Jill C

    I love the colors and I love the bed skirt fabric :)

  42. deb

    Love that it looked stylish but still clean and bright.

  43. Lindy J


  44. Becky

    I love the softness of the colors. It looks comfortable!

  45. Annie

    I love the quilt-perfect color, perfect texture.

  46. Lori H

    I love the soothing colors, and that there is pattern without it being busy.

  47. Chelsea

    The colors are beautiful! Love this look.

  48. Korrie

    Love the fun bedskirt.

  49. Debra

    I love, love, love everything about this room. It makes me want to jump in bed!

  50. I love the bedskirt!!

  51. Jane

    The soft colors are so calming and soothing and I especially love the pattern on the bedskirt.

  52. Mary

    Best part: the tranquil feeling it emits while being fashionable!

  53. Mrs. Yancey

    I love it all!

  54. Sarah

    This is so fresh and restful looking. Love it!

  55. Elizabeth Williams

    I love the curtains!

  56. Libby

    Beautiful, soft colors!

  57. TLR

    I love the colorway. It is so serene!

  58. Christina

    Oh my, I am in love with this set!!!

  59. Karen C

    Love the bedskirt!

  60. Ohhh, what a dreamy and restful combination! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. deb

    This is the exact look I’m going for in my guest room!

  62. Noel

    I love the color of the quilt. Such a pretty blue.

  63. Barbara

    love the panels!

  64. Julianne

    The bedskirt!!

  65. Sara

    I love the bedskirt!

  66. Meg

    I love how breezy it all looks! Especially with the white bed/pale hues.

  67. Jennifer Essad

    the “Diamond Platinum matelassé coverlet” is my favorite – i really like the design and color, the detail is gorgeous

  68. Mary Hite

    I love the layering – especially the cool soft teal/aqua coverlet over the white. Gorgeous!!!

  69. Terri H

    The quilt is great!

  70. Love it! Want it! Would be perfect in my new house! :)

  71. teresa

    I love the bedskirt and hanging. It’s so fresh looking, but still classic!

  72. Ingrid

    So lovely! The curtains are total perfection.

  73. I love the canopy hangings!

  74. Ally

    I love the chevron pattern!!

  75. Kristen H

    What a serene room! I also NEED that quilt!

  76. Linda

    I love the calming pastels.

  77. Nayla

    Love the colors… And those panels!!

  78. Renee

    Simply love the colors, and how fresh the bedding looks!

  79. Lisa E

    I just love how calming and cozy it all looks.

  80. Angela

    It’s so serene!

  81. Kim R

    I am a HUGE Kate fan, but have to admit my favorite thing is the textured pillow in front.

  82. Christine S

    So beautiful The colors are just what I want to do in our new master bedroom. I am not buying a thing until we move in but seeing this gives me some great direction. Congrats CG!

  83. Liz

    I love all of it, but I really love the bedspread and the beautiful pattern!

  84. Kristin

    I love the bed skirt – still crushing on chevron.

  85. Love the quilt!

  86. Martha

    Fresh and lovely!

  87. lana

    I really like how calm the bedroom feels… I would love to rest there every night! the colors are so soothing, and the whole bedding set is beautiful!

  88. Karly

    Love the textures and the light airy feeling of the room!

  89. Heather K

    The room looks relaxing and beautiful

  90. Ruthie

    I love the bed with the curtains and I love the duvet!

  91. Cynthia

    I love the quilt and the chevron bedskirt!

  92. Priscilla

    I absolutely love this bedding ensemble.

  93. Lyndsay

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! WOW!

  94. Robin Christensen

    I love the whole bed set, but especially the quilt – gorgeous!

  95. Bette P.

    The soft colors and soothing use of prints make this a calm relaxing haven.

  96. So Beautiful and Elegant!

  97. mila powers

    I love how all the textures/colors fit perfectly together.CG and PCH are a perfect match.

  98. MelodyJ

    I like the quilt best.

  99. Mary

    I like the light, soft colors. Very inviting.

  100. Heidi

    I love the quilt and the bedskirt. The colors are so soft and gorgeous!

  101. Kathy

    What a tranquil collection. I love the patterns and the soothing colors.

  102. Krissy

    It is all so so lovely and evokes a beautiful serenity.

  103. Alice Browder

    I really need that beautiful bedding. It looks soosooo comfortable.

  104. Lena

    This bed reminds me of an afternoon nap on a beach, only more comfortable

  105. Kate

    I’m a huge fan of Kate & Pine Cone Hill. Gorgeous combo

  106. Jacqueline

    I love the bedding and colors, especially the quilt.

  107. Tami

    i love the patterns and textures, so soft and dreamy

  108. Janice

    I love the colors. I especially love the print on the curtains.

  109. Sharmin

    I love the colors and I’m sure I’d have sweet dreams w/this beautiful bedding! Thanks for the chance at this cool giveaway!

  110. I just love the bedskirt!

  111. Denise

    thank you for the chance to win this lovely bedding.

  112. Catherine Hinman

    Kate’s classic good taste combined with Pine Cone Hill’s style, quality and reputation are a perfect match!
    I LOVE the styling above and can’t wait to see more!

  113. Alicia

    The zigzag bed skirt is to die for. Just gorgeous!

  114. Beautiful! Love them all.

  115. Meghan

    Love it all!

  116. Maureen

    The quilt is just lovely!

  117. Amy

    Beautiful! You must be so proud!!

  118. maggie

    What a lovely fresh-looking bed!

  119. I’m a sucker for gorgeous bedding, and this is it! The bedskirt is amazing and I love the airy, summer feel of the curtain panels. I would love this!

  120. love it all but especially that cutie pie pillow

  121. Mary Noonan

    This all just quietly screams: beach and Summer!

  122. I love the overall softness and color scheme. Looks like heaven in a bed.

  123. Starr

    Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Rachel

    The colors look so relaxing that I bet everything gives you a perfect night sleep!

  125. Kathy

    Such beautiful, soothing, gorgeous bedding.

  126. Robin

    Love the colors and patterns !

  127. Amanda Wilson Levanovich

    The sheet set and coverlet are ah-maz-ing!!!! :)

  128. elaine simmons

    That would look great in my guest bedroom.

  129. Noelle

    Love love the zig zag bed skirt. So modern and whimsical.

  130. Bernadette

    I love the colors! It bright but soothing at the same time:-)

  131. sherry g.

    i love the fabric choices you made! My favorite element is the side table!

  132. Lynn

    I would love this in my guest room!

  133. Linda

    I have followed Kate for years and LOVE her new fabrics. Love how the fabrics come together to create such a calm and airy feel – perfect for a bedroom.

  134. Stephanie Clary

    I love the color combo’s. It’s so fun and fresh.

  135. Sheri

    Love love love the colors!

  136. Jackie Lightner

    I love the subtle tones! Stunning!

  137. Bri D.

    Love the quilted bed cover!

  138. Katie

    Peaceful colors in a soothing pattern.

  139. maureen d

    I love the softness of this layered look. It has such a soothing spa like quality I just want to lie down and sleep.

  140. Lu Ann

    The quilt looks so soft and cozy!

  141. Angie McGeown

    I love the gray and light blue combination, it is so calming.

  142. Sarah March

    I love everything about this bedding style. It looks so relaxing and breezy.

  143. Dawn

    I love the dust ruffle. My dust ruffle is tired and could use some updating!

  144. Laura Stebbins

    The muted blues are great.

  145. Julie Palmese

    The bedcover is really pretty and so is the bedskirt.

  146. Kristina A

    I love the colors. So soothing and relaxing!

  147. Tara

    I just love the bedding! I wish I could have this as part of my bedroom charm!

  148. Lynne Gaylor

    Very soothing, restful, and relaxing bed ensemble…………..Love it!

  149. Kathy Treese

    Love Love Love the calming feel of these fabrics!! Makes you want to just jump into bed!!!

  150. Vanessa C

    I’m in love with everything, but especially the canopy! I have never thought of using a printed fabric for a canopy. I always thought that to achieve the light and airy look I would need to use a gauzy fabric!

  151. Kate

    My favorite part? Not a fun question to answer but I love the overall tones — so refreshing and relaxing!

  152. Nikki

    Love the color combos and patterns.

  153. vica

    Love the bedskirt!

  154. Carol Adams

    The multi layers are so pretty!

  155. Barbie

    I love the light airy texture and color of the fabric. I think it’s perfect for Spring & Summer!

  156. Casey

    Love the bedding! It’s gorgeous!

  157. D. Gibbs

    That bed is the essence of summer at the beach! It makes me want to crawl in and drift away, after a day of sand, sun, good food and good company! Just charming!

  158. Kathy

    Beautiful colors – I love the bed skirt and the quilt.

  159. kerri hillis

    I love the drapes around the bed!

  160. name HONEY

    Your designs just exude SPRING.Love the bedskirt.

  161. Justyn

    I love the bedskirt! A great way to add pattern without being overpowering.

  162. Olivia Juenke

    I love the mix of the patterns and the soft colors, so beautiful!

  163. Cindy

    Hard to name a favorite, but I’ll go with: I like how this room incorporates pastels without looking candy-ish.

    So happy for this partnership!

  164. Diane

    I like all the prints and colors, but find the bed skirt to be especially cute! Nice giveaway!

  165. Auntiepatch

    Marina Sky quilt & shams – love the color!

  166. Janna

    I LOVE the subdued color palette…it’s relaxing, calming & comfortable. But yet it’s still fashionable, beautiful and show stopping. Love the colors the most!

  167. Sarah

    I love the mix of prints…the colors are beachy and airy and I love the Jenny Lind side table! :)

  168. Kathi

    This is beautiful! :) Congratulations!

  169. Loretta

    I love the overall soft feeling.

  170. Sandra

    Beautiful soft pastel colors , gorgeous

  171. Sherryl Sanders

    I love the neutral and calming effect of these colors and patterns. It’s lush without the heaviness. I’d like to curl up on that bed and take a nap right now!

  172. Susan Turley

    What a fabulous bed skirt, oh I just love it all, it’s so fresh and springlike.

  173. Bethany K.

    I love the light airy feeling, just beautiful

  174. Diane W

    Pretty! So soft and airy. Love it.

  175. The mix of colors and designs is beautiful and calming. Perfect for a bedroom.

  176. Allison

    The different patterns and textures and how serene and soothing the colors are. Just gorgeous!!

  177. Katherine

    The soft colors are so serene for a bedroom.

  178. Nicole

    I love the fabric combination.

  179. jackie

    love the chevron bed skirt

  180. Heather

    This is the bedroom and bedding of my dreams…tranquil, cozy, soft, beachy. A perfect balance of textures and patterns. Love

  181. Tammy Tomberlin

    Love Centsational Girl! These fabrics would look wonderful in my master bedroom. So lovely!!!!

  182. Heather

    This looks like vacation. I love the calming colors.

  183. Lisa

    I love this bedroom, the color pallet is a favorite of mine! So calming and soothing, I feel like I could just read a good book or take a nap there :)

  184. Mary C.

    I love the soothing colors, but the best part for me is the combination of all the textures. Gives an elegance without being too stuffy! Beautiful.

  185. Priscilla

    So serene and pretty!

  186. Mary C.

    I love the soothing colors, but the best part for me is the wonderful use of texture. Gives this bedding a luxury feel without being too stuffy. Beautiful!

  187. AngieSue

    I love the gentle colors – very soothing!

  188. sara w.

    What can I say? I like them all!

  189. Jeanne G

    The soft colors are warm and inviting!

  190. Stephanie Behling

    I love how light and airy the room feels. I also love the different patterns and textures going on with all of the linens,bedding, and pillows. What’s not to love?!?

  191. Vel

    tHE bedding for sure!

  192. ellie

    i like the pillow

  193. Phoebe

    I love the muted cool and calming colors.

  194. Leslie

    I love the bedskirt!

  195. Love the quilt most!

  196. Kay

    The quilt with that bed skirt is an amazing combination!

  197. Love these combinations and love love love Centsational Girl!

  198. kathy w

    The pillows and the shams look so comfortable.

  199. Ruth L

    What beautiful bedding… I have followed Censational Girl for quite awhile and love the sprig, gray and coral print!
    Ruth L

  200. Ruth L

    What beautiful bedding… I have followed Centsational Girl for quite awhile and love the sprig, gray and coral print!
    Ruth L

  201. merry

    Oh, gorgeous! I love the fabrics. Well done!

  202. Jennifer

    Love the quilt!

  203. Nicole L

    The beds looks amazing for a midday nap!

  204. Laura Palmer

    Love everything, especially the soft colours!

  205. Laura Palmer

    Love everything, especially the soft colours!!

  206. Michelle

    I love the soft layers of fabrics and textures in this room!

  207. Joni

    I love the whole look, calm and fresh.

  208. melissa

    the sham!

  209. Cheryl Miller

    Everything is so pretty!

  210. Cynthiadesigncg

    I love the soft colors, beautiful and understated.

  211. jen

    love the whole bed! especially the frame and the blue zig zag quilt!

  212. lynn

    The whole look is simple and fresh and gorgeous. I love it.

  213. Sarah F.

    I adore it all! Especially the color of that quilt!

  214. Anne

    The comforter!

  215. Susan

    Oh my goodness, the colors are so pretty

  216. Erin P

    I love how pretty this bedroom is while remaining fairly neutral. Gotta love that flash of chevron as well! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  217. Katie

    Love the colors and patterns in this bedding!

  218. Carlene Canterbury

    Love love love the mash up of ideas of both designers. The layers and textures of fabrics working well together achieving a relaxed and comfy feel. Will defo love to have a duvet day under them :)

  219. Jillian R

    I love the soft colors and especially the quilt.

  220. Megan

    I like the mixed fabrics.

  221. Melanie

    I love the colors!

  222. Chrystine

    Love the soft colors and all the fabrics look like they would feel wonderful to the touch!

  223. Alyssa M.

    I love how airy and put together it looks! So pretty!

  224. Anitha Kuppuswamy

    Love the bedskirt!!

  225. Laurel

    Love the looks! Perfect for spring and summer!

  226. Kathie

    Great giveaway!

  227. kimostellino

    love the canopy hangings!

  228. amy williams

    the curtains

  229. Cindi

    The lovely bedding is gorgeous on the bed!
    Thanks, Cindi

  230. Dana Haas

    Every piece is lovely.

  231. Angela Greene

    My favorite element is the beautiful Marina Sky quilt. The contest ends on the 8th which is my birthday. What a great birthday present this would be!

  232. Kathy S

    I like the quilt. Looks so comfy!

  233. sangeetha

    I love how put together and calm it looks

  234. mary

    I love the panels on the canopy

  235. Sean C

    I love all the pattern and the color!

  236. Alina

    The color scheme is very tranquil and serene. That’s my favorite part.

  237. Lou Ann

    My favorite part of the giveaway is the curtains. These will look nice hanging from my bed. Beautiful color combination.

  238. Luisa

    I love everything, it is hard to pick but if I would have to it would probably be the quilt and shams… but then again the sheets…and the decorative pillow…beautiful!

  239. Angela

    I love the panels!

  240. Dana

    Love the mix of patterns!!!!

  241. lisa

    I love that the fabric colors are so soothing and relaxing in the room. Very pretty.

  242. Jen D

    L. O. V V EEEE. !!
    L. O O. V V E. !!
    L. O O. V V EEE. !!
    L. O O. VV E.
    LLLL. O. V EEEE. ::

    I love, love, love the breezy, sweet and light style of this bedroom!

  243. Donna

    Love the Colors of this set!

  244. Kathleen

    Very restful bedding.

  245. Tiffany

    I love how light and bright it is. Perfect for summer!

  246. Linda

    I love the colors, the refreshing feel. Thank you for this opportunity.

  247. betsy

    I love the pillow.

  248. Love the curtains and the quilt layers!

  249. Jennifer Laging

    I love the blue quilt.

  250. Leslee

    Just designed and build a coastal home and have been dying to decorate with these colors flowing through the house. Love the modern, soft, and elegant feminine feel to the room. An inviting and inspiring space

  251. Nora

    Look the fresh looks of this bedding it looks like a summer vacation!

  252. Kaye M.

    I love pastel blue, I think it is so restful The chevron fabric for the bed skirt is very unique, it looks great with the quilt.

  253. I love the button pillow!

  254. Jessica

    I love the mix of patterns!

  255. Maggie

    Love the muted colors with white.

  256. The colors are so calming to me. Would love to have in my bedroom

  257. Love calming colors. Makes me think of the beach

  258. Leigh

    Oh this makes me want to open my bedroom windows and feel the gentle spring breeze as I curl up with a good book! Lovely!

  259. Risia

    I just love the softness of the look.

  260. Janie

    I’d love to have any of this bedding as my beloved duvet cover is showing serious signs of wear and we have just moved to a very cool loft (with most our stuff in storage) where I’d love to have a sexy-looking bed! Pick me, pick me! :)

  261. Ann Ruggles

    Such a tranquil and fresh look!

  262. Karen

    I love the patterns and soft colors of the bedding – it looks so comfortable and inviting.
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  263. Ellen Cleveland

    love the calming feel of the room~

  264. Suzanne

    I love the canopy bed. I’ve always wanted one.

  265. liz

    Awesome! Love the colors!

  266. melinda

    Love the colors!

  267. Susan

    I love the chevron bed skirt

  268. Elizabeth H

    I love everything. Colors are fantastic. I love the bedskirt fabric you chose. Very well put together.

  269. Madee

    I stumbled across your beautiful company today:)
    I must have some of your products!

  270. Jeanne

    Love all the soft color combination and textures! Simply beautiful and serene.

  271. kathryn

    Love the soft colors! They would be beautiful

  272. brenda a

    I love the light and airy colors.

  273. Jacque

    Beautiful soft shades and textures.So relaxing and fun!

  274. Richelle B

    I just love how inviting it all it, the colors and the textures and great!

  275. Stacey Morrison

    I adore the coverlet.

  276. Amy

    I love the beachy, textured pillow!

  277. kristin

    love the bedskirt!

  278. Mindy K

    I love the colors and patterns!

  279. Carrie C.

    Beautiful and fresh! What a great way to welcome spring.

  280. AnnW

    Kate’s talents know no boundaries! Kudos to her.

  281. Becky Robbins

    Love the softness of this look!

  282. Ashleigh hall

    I love how beachy it all looks, but my favorite part is the fabric of the bedskirt!

  283. Dawn


  284. Patricia

    Ahh so serene, I can feel the summer breeze on my face. Love it!

  285. Megan S.

    I love how light and breezy the fabrics feel! We are renting our house out for the summer and this is exactly what I wanted to buy for the bedding!

  286. Shandi

    LOVE these! So chic and sweet!

  287. Amanda S

    Love it all!

  288. Sarah H.

    I love the whole look, especially the canopy panels.

  289. Jona


  290. Megan C.

    The soothing blue color scheme is terrific. My bedrooms are always blue because it relaxes me.

  291. Robin A.

    The subtle colors

  292. Dana R

    I love these! They look so fresh and crisp!

  293. deb hanifan

    Its the peaceful I could Dream in there.


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