Inspired By: The Fab ’40s Fashion of Agent Carter

Jan 26, 2015

  As a team of designers and decor buffs, we get a little . . . let’s say enthusiastic when we happen upon a new movie or TV show that has a terrific design aesthetic. Our latest obsession? Agent Carter, the new series based on yet another Marvel Comics character. We can’t stop ogling the incredible 1940s fashions on this show, so we’re putting together an exclusive home-decorating look inspired by it. First, a little background: Peggy Carter was no more than a supporting character (and...

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Save Some Bank and Make Your Own Extracts

Jan 24, 2015

We’ve been on a baking binge, thanks to some extrachilly temperatures, a plethora of recent birthdays (including Annie’s!), and our post-holiday swearing off sugar, which promptly made us crave cakes, pies, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, meringues, and . . . well, you get the picture. Whether you bake healthy or go all Pioneer Woman in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself reaching for flavored extracts for virtually every baked recipe. The really good stuff can be pricey, though, and you have...

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Winter Scarf Style

Jan 23, 2015

Lately we’ve been feeling like our weekend casual wear has become more routine than a Pilates workout. A pair of skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, riding boots, a trench, a knit beanie, and some silver stacking rings—it’s an easy outfit, to be sure, but it needs a break from our winter closet rotation. Since we’re enjoying a bit of a warm-up in these parts (well, it’s 27 degrees instead of -5. Can you blame us for being hopeful?), we’ve decided to lighten up with a look that’s...

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Which Rug Weave is Right for Your Space? Part 2

Jan 22, 2015

Shopping for a wool area rug can often be like shopping for a wool sweater. The texture and pattern are beautiful, you might think to yourself, but how long will it stand up to my ultrabusy, pet-cuddling, red-wine-spilling lifestyle? As it turns out, wool rugs can be one of the best décor investments for your home, and with just a little regular care, they’ll last for years to come. (As for the sweater dilemma, we recommend getting friendly with your local dry cleaner.) Depending on the...

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Guest Stylist: Erin Olson Moser from House of Turquoise

Jan 21, 2015

To say that we—color-crazy home decorating aficionados that we are—have been huge fans of the House of Turquoise blog for several years would be an understatement. We’ve eagerly looked forward to tastemaker Erin Olson Moser’s daily posts on all things crisp, cool, coastal, and holy-cow fabulous, and that feature one of our all-time favorite pops of color. So with a dull, drab, mostly colorless winter in full swing in the Northeast, we knew just who to call to kick off our annual series...

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Slow Food in Seville: ConTenedor

Jan 20, 2015

While the slow food movement originated in Europe, many dining venues in Spain, which in the 1970s and ’80s suffered from the explosive growth of industrialized farming and fishing, haven’t quite caught on. Not that the food is bad, mind you, but the stuff served in restaurants doesn’t often fit the slow-food mandate of being carefully prepared according to local traditions or use top-quality local ingredients. So we were delighted when a friend recommended we try ConTenedor (literally,...

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We’re Crushing On: Vintage French Cottage Style

Jan 19, 2015

We could give a dozen reasons why the vintage French country look has been tres populaire for hundreds of years. It’s elegant, but still has an easygoing, lived-in look. The colors are usually subtle and even soothing.  It’s full of eye-catching, handmade details, like embroidery, pintucks, appliqués, and fringed hems. French country decorating isn’t gimmicky, so it looks timeless on its own, and blends seamlessly with modern coordinates. It favors linen, one of the ultimate touchable...

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4 Fresh Decorative Pillow Palettes

Jan 16, 2015

Ask a pro interior decorator for his or her favorite way to switch up the look of a room without blowing the household budget, and the answer you’ll most likely hear is “Change out your accessories.” Lightweight, (generally) inexpensive, and easy to move and store, accessories are perfect for putting a personal stamp on a room without major effort, like repainting the walls or moving the furniture. Annie adores a fun accessory, but she’s an especially firm believer in the power of the...

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Which Rug Weave is Right for Your Space? Part 1

Jan 15, 2015

We’ve been around the room makeover block a time or two (okay, maybe more), and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that not all rugs are created equal. It’s easy to fall for a beautifully patterned rug or an area rug that seems to perfectly fill a large space, only to discover that the material or construction just isn’t right for the room. Annie to the rescue, with the first in a series of posts on which rug is right for your space. These tips will not only save you time and...

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Wordless Wednesday

Jan 14, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image each week.

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Entry Vous: Miles Redd Design Inspiration

Jan 13, 2015

Few designers knock color and pattern out of the park as well as (the hue-fully named) Miles Redd. And he’s done it again with this airy, glam-meets-whimsical entry featured on Elle Décor. Miles started with a light, oceany blue palette, painting the wood floors with a high-gloss solid. He contrasted this with a custom striped wallpaper and a feathery botanical wallpaper on the walls—in a richer, almost teal hue—by Lee Jofa. Then he added dark, narrow moldings along the corners to...

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Say Cheese: Quesería Conde Duque

Jan 12, 2015

If you had a blast armchair traveling with us last week as we visited Madrid’s drool-worthy Do Design home décor boutique, and if you can’t think of a snack more divine than a wedge of fromage and a glass of wine, and if you’re ready for another bite of Euro fabulousness, you’re going to love our next stop in Spain. This amazing space is Quesería Conde Duque, a spare, beautifully presented cheese shop in the center of Madrid that specializes in small-batch, flavor-packed,...

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