Redo Your Rental in Six Steps

Jul 6, 2015

Apartment and home renters, we hear your woes: it can be downright challenging to make a space feel and look special when you can’t change major design components like wall color, flooring, room size, or architectural elements. The good news is that there are several easy, nonpermanent, and often budget-friendly ways to make a rental look as spectacular as a decked-out owned home.   But first, about those walls: some landlords are open-minded about wall painting, though they might...

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Happy 4th of July!

Jul 4, 2015

Have an incredible July 4th holiday, friends!  

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Simple Last-Minute Recipes for Your Fourth of July Party

Jul 3, 2015

Guests are on the way for your July 4 shindig, and with all the cleaning, decorating, and yard and porch prep, you barely have time to say “stars and stripes forever,” let alone assemble a table full of elaborate dishes. First, take a deep breath and pour yourself a big glass of wine—because it’s never too early to get the party started. Then scroll down for a bunch of incredibly simple yet memorable recipes that you and your family or helper friends can toss together with a handful of...

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Annie’s Outdoor Party Tips & Ideas

Jul 2, 2015

The biggest party weekend of the season is just hours away. If you’ve got a few dozen friends and family members on the way but you’re not quite finished putting together the menu or décor, we’ve got some outdoor party ideas and tips straight from Annie that will help make your planning—and party day—go a whole lot smoother.   Create an easy two- or three-color palette. Sticking to just a few colors makes it easy to coordinate your table linens and décor, and will give your...

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Casual-Chic Decorating with Red, White, and Blue

Jun 30, 2015

The eternal Fourth of July décor question: how to decorate with the patriotic pairing of red, white, and blue without looking like Betsy Ross’s craft corner or a streamer-filled party store? We’ve tackled the basics of decorating with this classic combo, and have even given it a modern spin featuring red, white, and French blue. But this year we’re going old school with some incredible new home décor picks in back-to-basics navy, a midtone crimson, and crisp, bright...

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Easy DIY Gardening Projects for When You Don’t Have a Garden

Jun 29, 2015

We look forward to summer for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of our favorites is the opportunity to do a little outdoor therapy in the garden. So what to do if you love plants but don’t have a yard, let alone a garden within a yard? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite DIY garden projects that require just a few feet of space—perfect for beside the front or back door, an apartment balcony, a mini patio, or even a walkway.   DIY Herb Garden Veggie Patch from Olivia...

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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Coral & Army Green

Jun 27, 2015

If you’ve been rocking the military trend that’s been a fashion mainstay for the past couple of seasons, we’ve got a runway-to-room décor suggestion you’re going to love. Today, Annie’s playing mix master with one of our perennial favorite pseudo-neutrals, army green, and coral, a bright, happy hue that’s made for warm-weather decorating.   What we love about this coral and olive color palette: while the two colors are about the same intensity, they’re opposites on the color...

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Inspired by: Take Your Dog to Work Day

Jun 26, 2015

In celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent pet photos from around the photo studio and office. Take a spin through our dog gallery; then tell us in the comments about your favorite pet moment—silly, touching, exciting, or anything in between.     Like the products? Get them here: Lyric Paisley Tufted Wool Rug Charcoal WAMP Trimaran Stripe WOUF Samode Indoor/Outdoor Rug Indoor/Outdoor Pillows Midnight Stripe Woven Cotton Tote...

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SoCo Creamery: Spreading Happiness, One Scoop at a Time

Jun 25, 2015

A wise man once said, “Keep your friends close and your ice cream–making friends closer.”   Or that’s what he would have said, had he known the power of ice cream to bring about world peace and unite the genders and the generations. Perhaps we fudge the truth a bit, but the point is, when you have friends like the team at SoCo Creamery, family dinners, holidays, and backyard hang-outs achieve a whole new level of awesome. That’s why we invited them to take part in a festive ice...

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Wordless Wednesday

Jun 24, 2015

Welcome to (almost) Wordless Wednesday, where we feature an inspiring image each week.  

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How to Host an Ice Cream Social

Jun 22, 2015

We’re not the type of gals and guys who need an excuse to eat ice cream. But if there’s one especially great reason to enjoy sundaes and cones of frozen goodness with friends and family, it’s summer. But instead of the typical barbecue or brunch and mimosas on the patio, we’ve put together an old-fashioned ice cream social that’s equal parts easy, pretty, festive, and crowd-pleasing.   We started off by getting in touch with our new snack BFFs at SoCo Creamery, crafters of...

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